June 27th – Arzua

From Melide the walk took us through Boente, Castaneda, Ribodiso and into Arzua.  Not a lot to say about the walk except in Spain what goes down must go up.  Three quite steep hills, but made it.  It seems to be easier than in the beginning although loose time going up and make time going down.

Four more days to go…July 1st celebration day.

We would like to take this time to thank our Children for their financial and emotional support.D333E516-B277-4216-BD67-73773F6D85F36C368A5A-237F-4606-8F0F-B8E727C2B49C

One thought on “June 27th – Arzua”

  1. If it’s getting easier you must be getting fitter, I’m sure you’ll come back mere shadows of your former selves, physically, but buzzing in every other way

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