June 28th – Salceda

83A82EC9-931E-440E-9A4F-96B0F128955FF637F872-17ED-48AC-A643-87A96C6C0C58Today was from Arzua to Salceda.  Mainly uphill, it’s amazing how at the beginning uphill was really hard yet today although I still took it easy I did not have to stop.  We went through a few hamlets and villages again can only tell you what the book says as no names and a lot more than stated.  So as far as I know we went through Tabernacle Velha, A Calle and ended up at Salceda, yet where we are staying the owner said the area used to be A Calle.  So goodness knows where we really are but it is a beautiful spot. (Would be a great resort).

The whirlpool was wonderful on my feet and the pictures of Ronnie is with a swan made out of a car tyre.  (Had to get this picture for our Swan family)


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