July 3rd – Last Blog

248D1CAD-7012-437D-82BF-EEB948A25F1C1353AE4A-935E-4ECA-9AC3-A67D947A83C3We are in Lavacolla, having a bit of fun.  Our flight out is at 9:30 tonight to Madrid, then a 9 1/2 hour layover in Madrid airport for our flight to London.

We went to the Peregrino service at the Cathedral, very interesting though all in Spanish.  Took the bus to Lavacolla, typical us got of at the wrong bus stop, but got here eventually.

Now have a wee look at the picture of Ronnie, what do you think of his nose what looks like a nose on the statue, not to mention the beer in his had at 10:00am.  The picture of me is with my new bath.

We have had an amazing trip, some downs but many more ups.  Thanks to all who have supported us and given generously to Dementia Research.  If you have not donated and would like to here is the giving page information:


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